1.0.2rc2 is Released

April 8, 2011 – 9:49 pm

The source can be downloaded here.

Here are the debian binaries (.deb) files:

v1.0.2rc2     Tuesday, April 05 2011
+Fixed E, Alt-E (edit clipboard) not working bug.

Known bugs:

  • Status icon disappears when executing Actions (fixed in svn).
  • Search-as-you-type doesn’t work with all languages.

Thanks, vladdyokin, for providing feedback on this little detail that I did not test throughly.

Just a side note, but 1.0.2 will be the final release. I will increment the rcX number for each bug fix. I intend for 1.0.2 to be the last significant functional change, so please let me know the bugs you encounter. I reserve the right to change my mind. :)

Here’s how to use the new interface (copy of 1.0.2rc1 notes - one day they’ll be in the man page.):

I’ve got some really nice features for multiple deletes - makes cleaning up the clipboard history really nice, and pretty much obsoletes using the clear.  You can do shift-right drag now and it will mark the entries as ready for delete. Hitting Ctrl-right drag will select individual items, and it toggles the delete. When you’ve got all the items you want deleted marked (with strike-through), you hit enter and the deletion is done.

I’ve changed the key release to a key press so it reverts to pre-1.0.0 behavior.

To use the new interface, use the Ctrl or Shift key in conjunction with right-click. If you hold Ctrl, then it toggles the delete on a single item. If you hold Shift while holding down right-click, then it toggles each item as it enters the item.  To complete the delete, hit enter.


  1. 15 Responses to “1.0.2rc2 is Released”

  2. Upgraded from 0.9-something, and the new logo is a bit… awful. Can the old, themable logo please be used?

    By Vadim P. on Apr 9, 2011

  3. Vadim P,
    If you don’t like the logo, change it yourself then submit the change - that’s how open source works. Whining is never well-received and usually sent to /dev/null.

    The old logo was a GTK stock item, and I had requests to change it so it could be themed. Please send a screen shot of the old version with a different logo supplied by a theme. I’d be interested to see it.

    By rickyrockrat on Apr 9, 2011

  4. Nice - works pretty nice on ubuntu 10.10(64bit).

    One little problem:
    I defined a action which executes “cat ~/cut-and-paste-shell-profile”. If i click on the parcellite icon and and hit STRG at the same time the parcellite icon disappears. I also have no clear idea how to use this function - more documentation would be great….

    Some usability suggestions:
    - on opening the clipboard history: place the “edit clipboard” item at the bottom of the selection
    - a possibility to freeze items permanently in the clipboard history would be really great orr
    => text snippets which are used very often can be available forever
    (i.e. a small sequence of shell command of thos of use which manage hundreds of servers via ssh)
    => inspired by “wmcliphist” (http://linux.nawebu.cz/wmcliphist/) the items can be marked/unmarked for permanent availability
    by clicking with the right mouse key
    => permanent entries should be placed at the bottom of the clipboard history

    By Marc on Apr 17, 2011

  5. @Marc - the little problem is fixed in SVN. I’ll release it once I get the Cryllic search-as-you-type fixed. Perhaps I’ll add an option to put edit at the bottom.
    I agree about the freezing. I would use it too, but it will require some basic structure changes, which I put in place to support image copying (and never made it into SVN), but it’s a lot of changes, which means more bugs generally - since I’ve not yet figured out how to write perfect code - yet. :)

    I might just add a check box that indicates permanent storage.

    Sheesh. All these users and their good ideas about features!

    By rickyrockrat on Apr 21, 2011

  6. Thank you for the nice updates and new features! Parcellite is quite elegant. One very minor issue is that I am using 11.04 with unity and I can whitelist the parcellite icon into the panel, but whenever I change workspaces it blinks (and the other icons do not). Please do not try to fix this as it is completely trivial and it does not even bother me. In fact, the keyboard shortcuts in parcellite are enough that I don’t even need the panel icon. But I just wanted to report it.

    Most of all, I just wanted to say thank you!

    By Gerard on Jun 20, 2011

  7. imho, nice logo…
    thanks for continue developing.

    By remarkes on Jul 9, 2011

  8. 2 more “buglettes”

    1. If I copy the following line:
    This is “Gerard’s bbblog”
    and then run an action that corresponds to:
    echo “%s” >> /home/gerard/Desktop/temp.txt
    The text file contains the following:
    This is "Gerard's bbblog"

    I’m not sure if this is a bug or if it is intended, but is there an option to change this?
    I have found a temporary fix by piping it through html2tex:
    gerard@ubuntu:~/Desktop$ cat temp.txt | html2text -ascii
    This is “Gerard’s bbblog”

    But I cannot figure out how to prevent html2text from collapsing all of the lines.

    When I edit an action, if I click ok, my edit does not go through. Similarly if I click anywhere else, my edit gets reverted. Is this intended? I Think both of those should save the edit and that the only way to revert it should be something like “ESC”. Now, the only way to save the edit is to remember to press enter after editing.

    Everything else is working spectacularly! Thank you for everything.

    Is it possible to make a donation? Where?



    By Gerard on Jul 10, 2011

  9. I’m preparing the new release for the FreeBSD port, but the configure fails. The check for the installed gtk version seems to fail. I have gtk-2.22.1_1 installed.
    Here’s the error:

    checking for gtk_status_icon_new in -lgtk-x11-2.0… no
    configure: error: Requirement not met: gtk >= 2.10.0

    I’ll keep searching to see if I can find a solution.

    By Joseph Mignrone on Jul 29, 2011

  10. Gerard,
    I don’t to see the problem with 1. It appears to work as I would expect - what is on the clipboard appears in the file. What/how would you change it?

    I’ll take a look into number 2. I’ve never set up a donation. I do this because I like Parcellite and wanted it to say in the repos.

    By rickyrockrat on Aug 2, 2011

  11. Joseph,
    Check the configure.ac. See if that sed statement isn’t the culprit. If you find a fix, I’ll put it in SVN.

    Somewhere in here:
    GTK_LIBS=`$PKG_CONFIG --libs gtk+-2.0|sed 's/.* \(-lgtk-[[^ ]]*\) .*/\1/’`
    gtk_libs=`echo “$GTK_LIBS”|sed ’s/-l//’`

    By rickyrockrat on Aug 2, 2011

  12. oops, it looks like the code was converted by the web. Here are the steps to reproduce:

    1. open up vim or a plain text editor
    2. type (do not copy) the following:
    “This is Gerard’s blog”
    3. copy what you just typed
    4. run the following action
    echo “%s” >> /home/gerard/Desktop/temp.txt
    5. open up temp.txt
    6. things should not look right.

    Thanks for looking into this!

    By Gerard on Aug 4, 2011

  13. Hi

    I use Parcellite hundreds of times a day and I’m looking forward to the update. A really great app!

    Keep up the good work :)

    All the best
    Daniel Andersson
    (Hopefully a Debian Developer in the near future)

    By Daniel Andersson on Aug 4, 2011

  14. Gerard,
    I know what the issue is now. I’ll add it as a bug and work on it.

    By rickyrockrat on Aug 6, 2011

  15. Gerard. Issue fixed in SVN. Cheers.

    By rickyrockrat on Aug 7, 2011

  16. Thanks a lot rickyrockrat!!!

    By Gerard on Aug 8, 2011

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