1.0.2rc6 is released

January 9, 2013 – 8:28 am

The source can be downloaded here.

Here are the debian binaries (.deb) files:

V1.0.2rc6 Wednesday, Jan 9 2013
+Applied glib patch from bug 3518845
+Applied 0 size Action file lockup from bug 3459123
+Fixed arrow/home/page up keys messing up search-as-you-type.
+Fixed having multiple copies of parcellite. Checks to see if already running.
+Fixed double backspace on search-as-you-type.
+Fixed command line copies to clipboard. Should work on all X sessions. Note: entry is not
immediately added to clipboard. There is a 1/2 sec delay.

Finally! It has been a long time since we released anything. This release should have killed some bugs (some of which were driving me nuts, too). Some bugs got closed, so if anyone has issues with those bugs, please re-open them.

This release uses FIFOs to write from the command line to the clipboard. If you want to use them directly, you can send data to ~/.local/share/parcellite/fifo_c and fifo_p. There should be no dependency on Gnome for the command line to work.

ex: echo “Foo Bar”>.local/share/parcellite/fifo_c

Parcellite can still be called via the command line.

Please note: I do not test the i386 debs much since I do not use the i386 machine often.

  1. 3 Responses to “1.0.2rc6 is released”

  2. Hi, thanks, I think that think with the CLI drove me nuts even though I did not know it was a bug:-). Why is there the delay btw?
    Rickyrockrat: The delay is because parcellite checks for clipboard changes periodically, currently every 1/2 second. The command line input is checked in this same interval, since all the other methods I tried ended up with nothing in the clipboard. I have some ideas on changing this, but for now this will make things work.

    By Tomáš on Jan 9, 2013

  3. Rickyrockrat: Well, I do not think I will notice it anyway, I was just curious:-).

    By Tomáš on Jan 9, 2013

  4. rc6 does have a segfault bug. Found and fixed in svn 304.

    By rickyrockrat on Jan 15, 2013

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