New features are almost here

January 11, 2013 – 2:27 am

1.0.2rc7 is almost here. I am testing and asking for feedback on this release. I have an appindicator working for Unity, if anyone is interested. It should be in svn soon.

Please input comments here or send me a PM.

Because of bugs and CPU usage (and a total rewrite of the clipboard handling routines), the current selected entry no longer appears at the top. Does anyone care?  If so, I’ll figure out how to revert the behavior. Is it a big enough issue that there should be a preference for it?

The persistent history list will be in rc7.

  1. How should it pop up?
    1. Hot-key activation (so 2 different hot keys)
    2. Appear below/above the normal history.
  2. I do not have a way to key-select the clip entry at this time.

  3. How should it appear?
    1. As a separate list
    2. As one list with the persistent at either top or bottom.
  4. How should it behave?
    1. Never gets deleted, or has a preference to select deletion?
    2. Other thoughts.

Here’s the ChangeLog:

+Added patch 3389976 - history menu crash, utf-8
+Added UTF-8 checks on incomming text streams.
+Changed history entries to structures (and history file format) to support
upcoming features.
+Added persistent history list and corresponding hot key.
+Added right-click either history list with a Move To or cancel.
+Added Save As for the history file - writes a text file out.
+Major rewrite of cliboard handling. It is now very simple and eliminates a
lot of CPU overhead.
+Fixed bug 3560995, mouse button events causing false searches.
+Added appindicator so it appears in unity.
+Completely re-wrote prefs sybsystem.
+Fixed wide dialog, and quit instant activation (introduced in last release).

I’ll wait a few weeks for comments before I release. SVN 304 contains the current working state of 1.0.2.rc7. SVN 303 has a segfault bug.

The tarball is here.

I will continue to provide non-libappindicator builds for systems that may not have libappindicator.



  1. 3 Responses to “New features are almost here”

  2. AS long as the selected entry is somehow highlighted, I do not care much. But I think currently Bold is for x selection and top is for ctrl+c, no? So that might be a bit confusing. For me, it seems logical that the selected entry should be at the top, so I do not need a preference.

    As per persistent entries, I personally do not have a use for it, so I would prefer a separate list activated by a different hotkey.
    RickyRockRat Thanks. It is now clear to me that we need preferences for all this, then each user can choose the behavior:

      - Selected Entry at Top (enables current behavior, unchecked history list does not get reordered)
      - Persistent History (enables persistent history, unchecked is old behavior)
      - Separate Hotkey for Persistent (enables new hotkey, unchecked, uses same hotkey and list as normal history)
      - Persistent at Bottom (If item above is unchecked, put persistent at bottom, otherwise persistent goes to top, with a separator between them).

    By Tomáš on Jan 11, 2013

  3. Yes,that sounds good. Thanks for the work, parcellite is a great piece of software:-).

    By Tomáš on Jan 12, 2013

  4. Thanks for creating Parcellite!
    This said, I prefer to have the selected entry on top, and I do not care about the persistent history feature (IMO, that’s what Post-It like tools are for).

    By Andrea on Jan 15, 2013

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