1.1.0 is Released

January 17, 2013 – 2:44 am

There have been many major code re-writes with this release, and it DOES change your history
format. You will loose your history entries if you attempt to go back to an earlier release.
You have been warned.

1.1.0 detects and reads the earlier history format, then writes in the new one, so it should preserve your history over the upgrade.

The source can be downloaded here.

Here are the debian binaries (.deb) files:
amd64 for Unity.

This list includes the change log from rc6, since those are the changes since 1.0.2rc5, the last release that made it to the repositories.

V1.1.0 Wednesday, January 16 2013
***This is a major release.***
+Added patch 3389976 - history menu crash, utf-8
+Added UTF-8 checks on incomming text streams.
+Changed history entries to structures (and history file format) to support
upcoming features.
+Added persistent history list and corresponding hot key.
+Added right-click either history list with a Move To or cancel.
+Added Save As for the history file - writes a text file out.
+Major rewrite of cliboard handling. It is now very simple and eliminates a
lot of CPU overhead.
+Fixed bug 3560995, mouse button events causing false searches.
+Added appindicator so it appears in unity.
+Completely re-wrote prefs sybsystem, so prefs are easier to add.
+Fixed wide dialog, and quit instant activation.
+Added current entry on to preference.
+Added locking for clipboard updates.
+Fixed lost clip entries when selecting existing history clip entries.

V1.0.2rc6 Wednesday, January 9 2013
+Applied glib patch from bug 3518845
+Applied 0 size Action file lockup from bug 3459123
+Fixed arrow/home/page up keys messing up search-as-you-type.
+Fixed having multiple copies of parcellite. Checks to see if already running.
+Fixed double backspace on search-as-you-type.
+Fixed command line copies to clipboard. Should work on all X sessions. Note: entry is not
immediately added to clipboard. There is a 1/2 sec delay.

This release uses FIFOs to write from the command line to the clipboard. If you want to use them directly, you can send data to ~/.local/share/parcellite/fifo_c and fifo_p. There should be no dependency on Gnome for the command line to work.

ex: echo “Foo Bar”>.local/share/parcellite/fifo_c

Parcellite can still be called via the command line.

Please note: I do not test the i386 debs much since I do not use the i386 machine often, and I never test on Unity because we do not play well together.

  1. 4 Responses to “1.1.0 is Released”

  2. Well, nice release! I am curious about the new features.

    There are tooltips missing for some action (I think it is always nice to have tooltip for everything). Especially display> show in a signle line/reverse order. I am also never sure how exactly “synchronize clipboard” works, so maybe a precise explanation in a tooltip would not be bad.
    rickyrockrat - Done in the working copy, soon to be in svn.

    One thing I would like is to have options for -n and -d command options in the preferences (as I run parcellite headless - it is not very discoverable rifht now). I am also not sure what -d does (-n turns off the indicator, which is what I want). Maybe expand the manual page?
    rickyrockrat - I’m not sure what purpose -d performs anymore, either since I re-wrote the clipboard handling. :)

    Also, if you figured a way to make one package that would use unity only if present, that would be nice (I mean, if this is going to get to debian and ubuntu repositories, I doubt they will want to have two parcellite packages).
    It is supposed to work like that, but I build the appindicator-free debs for systems that don’t want the dependencies on libappindicator

    There seems to be a bug when I run (the indicator version) crom command line with -n option. The indicator is not displayer, shortcut for accessing the history works but when I launch the preferences, indicator appears (wrongly) and when I select quit option from the indicator, parcellite stops but the icon does not get clear from the indicator area. (so those are two bugs at once:-)). When I run parcellite without the -n option, the indicator closes gracefully.

    rickyrockrat - I may have found the fix

    One feature would be to never delete history but to display only x first entries from it. That way, one would be able to recover texts from weeks ago. It sometimes happens to me wiht texteditor and the like that they screw up a document when i save it or so but I often select the whole document with ctrl+a, so a backup in Parcellite might come handy sometimes (it already did this way just with the thirty entries I use currently).
    Rickyrockrat - How about the save As on the right-click menu?

    By Tomáš on Jan 17, 2013

  3. Oh, and the update definitely wiped up my history.

    By Tomáš on Jan 17, 2013

  4. Regarding the -d switch, I think it used to just run in the background and remembering clipboard entries even when you closed down and application (I think that one of the clipboards - I think the X’s one gets wiped out when you close down the application that you took a given selection from). You could not invoke the preferences and history as they were not there. It was nice as it was really very lightweight, even though I think I have never used it myself. Anyway, if you do not want to support this anymore, you can just remove it and update the manual:-). Valid and uptodate documentation is a blessing:-).
    rickyrockrat - This is the way it works exactly - you are correct. I’ve just never looked at that section of code. I was going to remove it, but instead I’ll document it.

    Regarding the Save as - well, that works, but one has to think about that, and that is tiresome (and definitely does not work as a backup). This is nothing I cannot live without, but would definitely nice to have from time to time:-).

    BTW: If I am not mistaken, the option for case sensitive search is valid only if “search as you type” is checked (there is not other way to search, is there?). If so, it could be indented a bit and also maybe grayed out when “search as you type” is not ticked. This is cosmetic, but would make sense to me.
    rickyrockrat The two buttons are synced. If you uncheck search, case unchecks too. If you check case, it checks search as well. I don’t really have indent capability because of the way I build the menus.

    By Tomáš on Jan 17, 2013

  5. Rgarding the indent: oh, I see. Well, good enough for me:-).

    By Tomáš on Jan 17, 2013

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