1.1.2 Released

January 17, 2013 – 4:53 pm

This is a bug fix release.
Files are here:
The source can be downloaded here.
The debs above do not have appindcator enabled. See the ppa, below.

amd64 for Unity.

Changelog since 1/0/2rc5:
V1.1.2 Thursday, January 18 2013
+Added tooltips for Primary,copy, and syncronize options.
+Fixed lockup bug recently introduced.
+Fixed status icon showing up with -n in appindicator.
+Changed Paste All to Copy All to clip.

V1.1.1 Wednesday, January 16 2013
+Added Paste All on history item right-click.
+Added Edit on history item right-click.
+Fix Bug 3417225,Alt+c clear invoked when Ctrl+Alt+c is hotkey.
+Fix Bug 2687052(re-introduced in rc7) that auto-deselects text in apps like LyX and DevHelp. SVN319
+Added tooltip for Action/Command column headers.
+Fixed svnversion.sh so it shows correct svn revision
+Added automatic paste via xdotool.
+Added multiple items per line on preferences subsytem.

V1.1.0 Wednesday, January 16 2013
***This is a major release.***
+Added patch 3389976 - history menu crash, utf-8
+Added UTF-8 checks on incomming text streams.
+Changed history entries to structures (and history file format) to support
upcoming features.
+Added persistent history list and corresponding hot key.
+Added right-click either history list with a Move To or cancel.
+Added Save As for the history file - writes a text file out.
+Major rewrite of cliboard handling. It is now very simple and eliminates a
lot of CPU overhead.
+Fixed bug 3560995, mouse button events causing false searches.
+Added appindicator so it appears in unity.
+Completely re-wrote prefs sybsystem, so prefs are easier to add.
+Fixed wide dialog, and quit instant activation.
+Added current entry on to preference.
+Added locking for clipboard updates.
+Fixed lost clip entries when selecting existing history clip entries.

V1.0.2rc6 Wednesday, January 9 2013
+Applied glib patch from bug 3518845
+Applied 0 size Action file lockup from bug 3459123
+Fixed arrow/home/page up keys messing up search-as-you-type.
+Fixed having multiple copies of parcellite. Checks to see if already running.
+Fixed double backspace on search-as-you-type.
+Fixed command line copies to clipboard. Should work on all X sessions. Note: entry is not
immediately added to clipboard. There is a 1/2 sec delay

The ppa is here:

  1. 7 Responses to “1.1.2 Released”

  2. Thanks for your work!

    But for me, Parcellite doesn’t start:

    mkfifo : No such file or directory
    mkfifo : No such file or directory
    error creating fifo
    Segmentation fault (core dumped)

    (installed the appindicator version on Ubuntu 64bit).

    Also, the PPA is empty…

    By Andrew on Jan 17, 2013

  3. Verified on an empty directory. The fix is very trivial, but it is in SVN.

    Either build from SVN or wait for me to release. It shouldn’t be long. I uploaded to the ppa hours ago, but I can’t control when they build things.

    By rickyrockrat on Jan 17, 2013

  4. Done. Try 1.1.3. I’ve verified it works here. The joys of fresh code. :)

    By rickyrockrat on Jan 17, 2013

  5. Thanks! 1.1.3 runs, but the appindicator doesn’t display the clipboard history but only “About” “Preferences” “Save as” and “Quit” options…

    By Andrew on Jan 17, 2013

  6. That’s because you have to set the clipboard to actually capture in preferences. Most of the boxes have tool tips so you can figure it out.
    If neither of the clipboard entries are checked, it doesn’t build a history. Look at the tool tips.

    Are you using the hot keys to get to the history? Ctrl-Alt-H is the default for the normal clipboard.

    By rickyrockrat on Jan 18, 2013

  7. I have both “Use copy (control-c)” and “Use primary selection” checked. Ctrl + Alt + H works ok, but the appindicator doesn’t display my clipboard history…
    Rickyrockrat: Please send me an email. I’d like to discuss how you think it should work. I find Unity too restrictive and therefore don’t use it, so I depend on the community for feedback on how they think it should work. -Thanks

    By Andrew on Jan 20, 2013

  8. This is because Appindicator breaks any ‘alternative’ menu actions.

    Appindicators have to behave all the same, so clicking the indicator will only get you the preferences. In sort, Unity decides how indicators work, not the applications. I can no longer provide different actions for Ctrl-Click, right-click, or Left-click behavior (or any other kind of click). There is only one behavior, and that is to show the menu.

    If you want to check out how parcellite used to work, use a different window manager other than unity, and will need to use the 1.1.4rc2 branch in SVN.

    You bring up a good point, though. I need to provide access to the history through that menu. I will do that post-haste… It has been added in 1.1.4rc3 -thanks for bringing that to light.

    By rickyrockrat on Jan 21, 2013

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