1.1.4 is Released

January 24, 2013 – 6:09 pm

This is primarily a bug fix release, and more adjustments to accommodate appindicator.

V1.1.4 Thursday, January 24 2013
+Fixed Visual de-selection bug where parcellite was doing unnecessary updates.
+Changed appindicator usage. If indicator-appmenu is not strstr found, then use old status icon.
This change should revert icon behaviour back to pre-libappindicator, for WMs that are not Unity.
+Added History to popup menu when running Unity, since Unity only allows one behavior.
+Removed Mutex locks for clipboard updates, commented out some debug prints (causing random lockups and odd mouse issues)

The source can be downloaded here.
i386 no appindicator
amd64 no appindicator.
amd64 for Unity (has appindicator).

The ppa is finally working. Builds for precise should show up shortly. The builds that have appindicator are Here.
For older versions of Ubuntu or those who do not wish to have appindicator dependencies can use the non-appindicator version.

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  2. I’ve been using parcellite since I switched from KDE (where I used klipper) to Xfce4.

    Thank you for making it and actively developing it.

    By öyvinds on Jan 29, 2013

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