1.1.5 is Released

July 17, 2013 – 5:13 pm

This is primarily a bug fix release. Sorry it has been so long on this release.

V1.1.5 Wednesday, July 17 2013
+Added ppa script.
+Updated German Translation from patch by Christoph Wickert.
+Fixed bug 79, reverse order doesn’t work.
+Added fifo_cmd, and stop_all, run_all commands.
+Fixed bug 82, Parcellite sometimes eats about twenty last characters from a an entry in history.
+Fixed bug where item length reverts to 50 if > 75. Now uses DEF_ITEM_LENGTH_MAX.
+Added Frame creation to add_section.
+Tentative Fix for bug 81, Cannot run for multiple users, on multiple X sessions.
+Fixed bug 83, Ctrl+c/v does not work for blender.
+Added automake rule to set svn version each time svn version is built.
+Fixed svnversion to use local copy.
+Added Clipboard standard usage notes to main.c.
+Fixed Bug 85, Garbage in clipboard when app is closed.
+Fixed Bug 86, Parcellite not putting history text in clipboard.
+Fixed Bug 87,Error converting selection from UTF8_STRING fills X log.
+Improved documentation for Actions.
+Fix bug 88, Parcellite does not work with appindicator in Raring.
+Fix bug 92, Ctrl-Shift/Right-Click followed by Clear produces SegFault/Double Free.
+Added Keyboard Input feature.
+Fixed bug #94, spam stdout with Looking for ‘indicator-menu’.
+Fixed bug 97, inkscape doesn’t work (other objects besides text overwritten from clip).
+Added Restore Empty option in preferences, and added -v/–version option.
+Fixed bug 89, odd behaviour with gnome-terminal search.
+Fixed bug 91, gnome-terminal and deselect bug (again).
+Fixed bug 96, entries with lots of tabs too wide/feature-request, alternate non-printing display.
+Added debug_update preference (but currently disabled via DEBUG_UPDATE in parcellite.h.
+Fixed GTK warning about GTK_IS_WIDGET/GTK_IS_WINDOW when history window closes.
+Changed mulituser logic to look at owner of PID dir in /proc (added pid_to_uid).
+Added XDG_SESSION_COOKIE check to see if we are in the same X session for multi-users.
+Added gpg key for deb build (does not effect application).

Files can be found here:
downloaded here.

Non-Unity debs

Unity debs (libappindicator)

The ppa builds that have appindicator are Here.
For older versions of Ubuntu or those who do not wish to have appindicator dependencies can use the non-appindicator version.

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