1.1.6 is Released

August 1, 2013 – 7:18 pm

V1.1.6 Thursday, August 1 2013

+Fixed Bug #99, Broken CLI functionality. Now looks at XDG_SESSION_COOKIE, XDG_SEAT, and DISPLAY, introduced by multi-user fix.
+Fixed bug where if fifo are not found in client mode, parcellite segfaults.
+Apply patch for typo in German translation, patch #30.
+Updated parcellite.pot (./extract_strings.sh).
+Changed name of history file from hist.test to history (debug escape). To restore the history, Quit Parcellite, then cd to $HOME/.local/share/parcellite mv hist.test history
+Added script to generate parcellite.pot & check in file, and gets run before each release from rel.sh.
+Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation.

Files can be found here:
downloaded here.

Non-Unity debs

Unity debs (libappindicator)

The ppa builds that have appindicator are Here.
For older versions of Ubuntu or those who do not wish to have appindicator dependencies can use the non-appindicator version.

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