1.1.7 is Released

October 15, 2013 – 7:01 pm

V1.1.7 Tuesday, October 15, 2013
+Added remote i386 build and upload to Source Forge.
+Fixed bug 100, pot doesn’t contain b> entries
+Updated French translation.
+Fixed duplicate empty string which causes errors in translations.
+Final fix for bug 81.
+Fix Duplicate Edit box when editing keyboard history entries (reported in bug 103 as sidenote).
+Added Right-click edit option, to directly edit any history item, without it being current selection.
+Fixed bug 102/feature request 49, low resolution icon.
+Fixed history containing 0 length items.
+Added ability to right-click edit each menu item (rather than Alt-E).
+Fix part 1 of bug 104, Right-click edit with 0 len text results in blank entries on clip.
+Fix part 2 of bug 104, crashing with right-click edit blank entries.
+Changed append_item so it is not de-allocating/reallocating memory, instead just repositions entry in list.
+Fixed two or more action keys having the same key.
+Fix bug 105, failure to build with libappindicator.

Files can be found here:
The source can be downloaded here.
Non-Unity debs

Unity Debs


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