1.1.8 is Released

July 3, 2014 – 12:22 pm

V1.1.8 Thursday, July 3, 2014
+Fixed bug 107, segfault when action key missing in parcelliterc.
+Fixed bug 108, red search-as-you-type with super-K key.
+Fixed bug 109, segfault when action key missing and history key changed.
+Updated Russian translation.
+Fix broken case-sensitive search.
+Fixed bug 111, unlock a mutext not locked.
+Fixed history editing problem issue where history is updated while editing.
+Added emphatic statement about xdotool on the auto-paste tooltip.
+Added pref_mapper that maps prefs to integer values so we don’t have to string compares
in main loop. Should decrease CPU cycles considerably in the ticker.
+Added ability to use system-wide XDG config file on first startup.
+Added dialog popup if auto-paste is checked and xdotool does not exist.
+Added item_limit (which is the same thing as data_size) which limits per-item size.
+Fixed synchronization bug when trim whitespace was selected and processed entry was already in history.
+Fix of bug in write_fifo.
+Fix item and data size to correct scaling, and change to KB for better granularity.
+Fix bug 121, context menu stays up after history menu is deactivated.
+Fix new bug with memory leak by destroying history menu every time, related to bug 121.
+Fix minor bug where edit shows up on right-click even when user disabled it.
+Fix bug where right-click-ctrl/shift did not delete history entries.

Finally! I’ve been waiting until I found a syncronization bug that was driving me nuts. There are many bug fixes and some suggestions from users that are implemented in this release.

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The source can be downloaded here.

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