1.1.9 is Released

October 1, 2014 – 3:12 pm

1.1.9 is Released

Change Log:

V1.1.9 Wednesday, Oct 01, 2014
+Fixed bug 120, position_history broken. We limit x & y with screen limit -100.
+Fixed bug 124, Enter does not select entry.
+Fixed bug 125, Unsolicited error message about xdotool.
+Added feature request 57, change systray icon.
+Updated Spanish translation by jcsl.
+Updated Chinese translation by wenjie.
+Fixed Bug 123, right-click edit broken.
+Fixed unsolicited error message on startup (related to bug 125).
+Cleaned up many warnings. Note to self: use env CFLAGS=-Wall ./configure –prefix=/usr/local
+Initial attempt at fixing bugs 129/137/133 - unable to copy files in file manager & text deselection.
+Attempt to clean up ‘malformed email address’ for Lintin.

Source Forge Links
The files can be found here:

The source can be downloaded here.

Non-Unity Debs


Unity debs

NOTE: These are old libindicator builds and may not work with the latest unity.
I recommend using The Appindicator PPA


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