1.2.0 is Released

January 24, 2017 – 6:36 am

1.2.0 is Released
It’s been a while, but most bugs are handled, and the ones that aren’t, are not repeatable. I have many feature requests, but features bring more bugs, and there’s not many users asking for those features. If you want one, please comment on the feature request.

Please submit a bug ticket if you see a bug with this release.

This is also at github

Change Log:

V1.2.0 Monday, Jan 23, 2017
+Removed -d option.
+Fixed bug 151, history clear not working.
+Fixed bug 150, Command line examples not working. Note: parcellite must be running already.
+Fixed bug 147, resource leak on history file.
+Fixed bug 144, Clipboard text quoted for action commands.
+Fixed bug 143, Parcellite fails to start as daemon. Also fixes Debian bug 785472.
+Added TW_zh .po file.

Source Forge Links
The files can be found here:
The source can be downloaded here.

Non-Unity Debs


Unity debs


There is no appindicator deb for i386.

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