Updating to 0.9

November 23, 2008 – 4:43 pm

There were changes done to the internal workings of the config file generation and parsing since 0.8. What this means is that some of your preferences may turn on or off when you upgrade, this is especially true for the “Use Copy” option. “Use Copy” is turned on by default in 0.9, but because of some variable name changes I did to improve readability in the code, it will turn off when you upgrade. Just remember to turn it back on :)

  1. 2 Responses to “Updating to 0.9”

  2. Can you make it work with Synergy? Glipper also has issues with it, only Klipper works ok, but its KDE.

    By luka on Nov 24, 2008

  3. got problem: installer asking for libgtk2.0-0 which is already installed in my system (linux mint). ill try with the souces…

    By fra on Dec 14, 2008

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