Changes in SVN

December 20, 2008 – 1:08 pm

The latest since 0.9…

  • Does not truncate new line on contents piped in from a terminal.
  • Deletes duplicate item before appending new item.
  • Fix for control-click on some machines.
  • Simplified chinese, portuguese and polish translations.
  • Updated german translation.
  1. 4 Responses to “Changes in SVN”

  2. Hi Xyhthyx,

    Thank you for the fixes.
    Did you consider implementing the feature I mentioned on my post at:

    “[...] Ctrl+Alt+Down to go the previous item in history, and Ctrl+Alt+Up for the next item [...]”

    Thank you!

    By Andy L. on Dec 20, 2008

  3. I have a wish, hope it will be useful for others too. Suppose I had some text in clipboard or selection, then I added several new items to the history, and then copied the same text again. It will not be moved to the top in history, and not outlined an any way, so it is hard to select it in the history (it is a way down, and pretty hidden). I think that the history item should be moved to top if the same text was put in clipboard again.

    You may wonder why am I searching it if I just coped it? Sometimes I use Parcellite for getting rid of formatting, and after I copied some (formatted) text to clipboard, if I select it in Parcellite history, then I can paste it without formatting.

    BTW, it would be great if there will be a hotkey to do the same without the need to go to history and choose the item. I mean, I copy something, then press a key combination, and then I will be able to paste without formatting. Like with on windows.

    Thank you!

    By Dmitry Diskin on Dec 21, 2008

  4. I want to be able to search history and to stick entries … Please :-)

    I also noticed that Carriage Return are not displayed correctly. I’m using an Ubuntu 8.10, this means UTF-8 maybe ?


    By Tom on Dec 21, 2008

  5. Thank you for this wonderful tool, just one thing I would like to see. Would you consider separating “junk” from “relevant” history?

    Having two kinds of clipboards under X11 kicks ass, but I think what you get into your clipboard from mouseover is often just junk, while stuff you put into clipboard on purpose using Ctrl+C is what you want to keep. So it would be grat to see Parcellite handle two separate history lists. :)

    By Tommy on Dec 23, 2008

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