There is a OpenBSD port that was initially done by Lawrence Teo, and his notes are below:

Here is the man page:

Parcellite - Lightweight GTK+ Clipboard Manager


parcellite [OPTION]


Parcellite is a lightweight GTK+ clipboard manager. This is a stripped down,
basic-features-only clipboard manager with a small memory footprint for those
who like simplicity.

Parcellite features a clipboard CLI. Unrecognized options and the contents of your standard input get copied to your clipboard. See CLI EXAMPLES.


-?, –help

Show help options

-d, –daemon

Run as daemon. Use this mode if you just want Parcellite to keep your clipboard
and primary contents safe

-n, –no-icon

Do not use status icon

-c, –clipbard

Print clipboard contents

-p, –primary

Print primary contents


echo “copied to clipboard” | parcellite
parcellite “copied to clipboard”
echo “copied to clipboard” | parcellite -c


Parcellite’s actions perform commands using the contents of your clipboard. “%s” in the command is replaced with the clipboard contents.


The available hotkey modifiers are Ctrl, Alt, Shift, Release, Meta, Super, Hyper, and Mod[1-5]


Right-click on the parcellite icon in the systray to access the preferences.

Behavior Tab


generally checking all these boxes is appropriate.


Check ‘Save history’ to save history on close.

‘Items in History’ - set maximum items. Currently limited to 100.

Display Tab

‘Show in Single line’ does nothing

‘Show in reverse order’ reverses the history so the first entry is last and the last is first.

‘Omit items’ referrs to omitting characters that don’t fit in the history window width. This is for display only.




Written by Gilberto “Xyhthyx” Miralla <>.

Further developed by Doug Springer <gpib at rickyrockrat dot net>.

OpenBSD port by Lawrence Teo

An OpenBSD port of Parcellite was committed to OpenBSD’s CVS repository after OpenBSD 5.0 was
finalized, so its stable binary package will only be available in OpenBSD 5.1 and later.

To install Parcellite on OpenBSD 5.1 and later, please run the following command:
pkg_add -i parcellite

The actual binary package itself can be downloaded from an OpenBSD FTP
or HTTP mirror listed at in the
following directory:

(where ${ARCH} is the architecture, e.g. i386, amd64, etc)

When OpenBSD 5.1 is released, please replace the string “snapshots” with “5.1″.
The filename of the binary package at the time of writing is

The source of the port can be found on the FTP/HTTP mirror in the ports.tar.gz file in the snapshots/ directory. Again, please replace “snapshots” with “5.1″ when OpenBSD 5.1 is released. The actual source itself is in the ports/x11/parcellite directory within that .tar.gz file.

To build Parcellite from source, please extract ports.tar.gz and run:

  1. cd ports/x11/parcellite
  2. make install