Parcellite Trim functions and deselection

October 8, 2014 – 3:01 pm

Since I’ve had several bug reports on deselection issues (many of which are valid), I need to clarify the deselection bug regarding any of the trim/ignore functions.

If you are using primary and one of these functions in Parcellite, you will get your text deselected for Gnome applications (and others). It does make some sense if the application is monitoring the clipboard for changes and sees that it changed, it should deselect the text, because whatever is selected is no longer in the clipboard.

If someone knows a way around this, I’d be glad for the input.

1.1.9 is Released

October 1, 2014 – 3:12 pm

1.1.9 is Released

Change Log:

V1.1.9 Wednesday, Oct 01, 2014
+Fixed bug 120, position_history broken. We limit x & y with screen limit -100.
+Fixed bug 124, Enter does not select entry.
+Fixed bug 125, Unsolicited error message about xdotool.
+Added feature request 57, change systray icon.
+Updated Spanish translation by jcsl.
+Updated Chinese translation by wenjie.
+Fixed Bug 123, right-click edit broken.
+Fixed unsolicited error message on startup (related to bug 125).
+Cleaned up many warnings. Note to self: use env CFLAGS=-Wall ./configure –prefix=/usr/local
+Initial attempt at fixing bugs 129/137/133 - unable to copy files in file manager & text deselection.
+Attempt to clean up ‘malformed email address’ for Lintin.

Source Forge Links
The files can be found here:

The source can be downloaded here.

Non-Unity Debs


Unity debs

NOTE: These are old libindicator builds and may not work with the latest unity.
I recommend using The Appindicator PPA


1.1.8 is Released

July 3, 2014 – 12:22 pm

V1.1.8 Thursday, July 3, 2014
+Fixed bug 107, segfault when action key missing in parcelliterc.
+Fixed bug 108, red search-as-you-type with super-K key.
+Fixed bug 109, segfault when action key missing and history key changed.
+Updated Russian translation.
+Fix broken case-sensitive search.
+Fixed bug 111, unlock a mutext not locked.
+Fixed history editing problem issue where history is updated while editing.
+Added emphatic statement about xdotool on the auto-paste tooltip.
+Added pref_mapper that maps prefs to integer values so we don’t have to string compares
in main loop. Should decrease CPU cycles considerably in the ticker.
+Added ability to use system-wide XDG config file on first startup.
+Added dialog popup if auto-paste is checked and xdotool does not exist.
+Added item_limit (which is the same thing as data_size) which limits per-item size.
+Fixed synchronization bug when trim whitespace was selected and processed entry was already in history.
+Fix of bug in write_fifo.
+Fix item and data size to correct scaling, and change to KB for better granularity.
+Fix bug 121, context menu stays up after history menu is deactivated.
+Fix new bug with memory leak by destroying history menu every time, related to bug 121.
+Fix minor bug where edit shows up on right-click even when user disabled it.
+Fix bug where right-click-ctrl/shift did not delete history entries.

Finally! I’ve been waiting until I found a syncronization bug that was driving me nuts. There are many bug fixes and some suggestions from users that are implemented in this release.

Source Forge Links
The files can be found here:
The source can be downloaded here.

Non-Unity Debs


Unity Debs


Nice work around for Unity

February 13, 2014 – 3:00 am

Wish I had found the link sooner. Here’s a work around for all non-libappindicator systray icons.

Disclaimer: I’ve not tested it myself.
Parcellite was fixed some time ago for Unity, but it serves as a good link to know.

1.1.7 is Released

October 15, 2013 – 7:01 pm

V1.1.7 Tuesday, October 15, 2013
+Added remote i386 build and upload to Source Forge.
+Fixed bug 100, pot doesn’t contain b> entries
+Updated French translation.
+Fixed duplicate empty string which causes errors in translations.
+Final fix for bug 81.
+Fix Duplicate Edit box when editing keyboard history entries (reported in bug 103 as sidenote).
+Added Right-click edit option, to directly edit any history item, without it being current selection.
+Fixed bug 102/feature request 49, low resolution icon.
+Fixed history containing 0 length items.
+Added ability to right-click edit each menu item (rather than Alt-E).
+Fix part 1 of bug 104, Right-click edit with 0 len text results in blank entries on clip.
+Fix part 2 of bug 104, crashing with right-click edit blank entries.
+Changed append_item so it is not de-allocating/reallocating memory, instead just repositions entry in list.
+Fixed two or more action keys having the same key.
+Fix bug 105, failure to build with libappindicator.

Files can be found here:
The source can be downloaded here.
Non-Unity debs

Unity Debs


1.1.6 is Released

August 1, 2013 – 7:18 pm

V1.1.6 Thursday, August 1 2013

+Fixed Bug #99, Broken CLI functionality. Now looks at XDG_SESSION_COOKIE, XDG_SEAT, and DISPLAY, introduced by multi-user fix.
+Fixed bug where if fifo are not found in client mode, parcellite segfaults.
+Apply patch for typo in German translation, patch #30.
+Updated parcellite.pot (./
+Changed name of history file from hist.test to history (debug escape). To restore the history, Quit Parcellite, then cd to $HOME/.local/share/parcellite mv hist.test history
+Added script to generate parcellite.pot & check in file, and gets run before each release from
+Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation.

Files can be found here:
downloaded here.

Non-Unity debs

Unity debs (libappindicator)

The ppa builds that have appindicator are Here.
For older versions of Ubuntu or those who do not wish to have appindicator dependencies can use the non-appindicator version.

1.1.5 is Released

July 17, 2013 – 5:13 pm

This is primarily a bug fix release. Sorry it has been so long on this release.

V1.1.5 Wednesday, July 17 2013
+Added ppa script.
+Updated German Translation from patch by Christoph Wickert.
+Fixed bug 79, reverse order doesn’t work.
+Added fifo_cmd, and stop_all, run_all commands.
+Fixed bug 82, Parcellite sometimes eats about twenty last characters from a an entry in history.
+Fixed bug where item length reverts to 50 if > 75. Now uses DEF_ITEM_LENGTH_MAX.
+Added Frame creation to add_section.
+Tentative Fix for bug 81, Cannot run for multiple users, on multiple X sessions.
+Fixed bug 83, Ctrl+c/v does not work for blender.
+Added automake rule to set svn version each time svn version is built.
+Fixed svnversion to use local copy.
+Added Clipboard standard usage notes to main.c.
+Fixed Bug 85, Garbage in clipboard when app is closed.
+Fixed Bug 86, Parcellite not putting history text in clipboard.
+Fixed Bug 87,Error converting selection from UTF8_STRING fills X log.
+Improved documentation for Actions.
+Fix bug 88, Parcellite does not work with appindicator in Raring.
+Fix bug 92, Ctrl-Shift/Right-Click followed by Clear produces SegFault/Double Free.
+Added Keyboard Input feature.
+Fixed bug #94, spam stdout with Looking for ‘indicator-menu’.
+Fixed bug 97, inkscape doesn’t work (other objects besides text overwritten from clip).
+Added Restore Empty option in preferences, and added -v/–version option.
+Fixed bug 89, odd behaviour with gnome-terminal search.
+Fixed bug 91, gnome-terminal and deselect bug (again).
+Fixed bug 96, entries with lots of tabs too wide/feature-request, alternate non-printing display.
+Added debug_update preference (but currently disabled via DEBUG_UPDATE in parcellite.h.
+Fixed GTK warning about GTK_IS_WIDGET/GTK_IS_WINDOW when history window closes.
+Changed mulituser logic to look at owner of PID dir in /proc (added pid_to_uid).
+Added XDG_SESSION_COOKIE check to see if we are in the same X session for multi-users.
+Added gpg key for deb build (does not effect application).

Files can be found here:
downloaded here.

Non-Unity debs

Unity debs (libappindicator)

The ppa builds that have appindicator are Here.
For older versions of Ubuntu or those who do not wish to have appindicator dependencies can use the non-appindicator version.

Upgraded Parcellite on Sourceforge

January 25, 2013 – 5:36 pm

I had to upgrade Parcellite to the new software Source Forge is using. I sympathize with all you who find the new trackers a definite degrade in ease of use. I’m sure we’ll eventually get used to it.

There are now debs built both with and without appindicator for lucid through raring.

1.1.4 is Released

January 24, 2013 – 6:09 pm

This is primarily a bug fix release, and more adjustments to accommodate appindicator.

V1.1.4 Thursday, January 24 2013
+Fixed Visual de-selection bug where parcellite was doing unnecessary updates.
+Changed appindicator usage. If indicator-appmenu is not strstr found, then use old status icon.
This change should revert icon behaviour back to pre-libappindicator, for WMs that are not Unity.
+Added History to popup menu when running Unity, since Unity only allows one behavior.
+Removed Mutex locks for clipboard updates, commented out some debug prints (causing random lockups and odd mouse issues)

The source can be downloaded here.
i386 no appindicator
amd64 no appindicator.
amd64 for Unity (has appindicator).

The ppa is finally working. Builds for precise should show up shortly. The builds that have appindicator are Here.
For older versions of Ubuntu or those who do not wish to have appindicator dependencies can use the non-appindicator version.

1.1.3 is Released.

January 17, 2013 – 10:04 pm

This is (another) bug fix release.
Files are here:
The source can be downloaded here.
amd64 for Unity.

Changelog since 1/0/2rc5:
V1.1.3 Thursday, January 18 2013
+Fixed persistent history so it is persistent if checked.
+Changed all single lists to double.
+Cleaned up prefs subsystem code in add_section.
+Fixed corner case bug with persistent history moving to normal.
+Fixed fifo segfault on parcellite fresh install.

V1.1.2 Thursday, January 18 2013
+Added tooltips for Primary,copy, and syncronize options.
+Fixed lockup bug recently introduced.
+Fixed status icon showing up with -n in appindicator.
+Changed Paste All to Copy All to clip.

V1.1.1 Wednesday, January 16 2013
+Added Paste All on history item right-click.
+Added Edit on history item right-click.
+Fix Bug 3417225,Alt+c clear invoked when Ctrl+Alt+c is hotkey.
+Fix Bug 2687052(re-introduced in rc7) that auto-deselects text in apps like LyX and DevHelp. SVN319
+Added tooltip for Action/Command column headers.
+Fixed so it shows correct svn revision
+Added automatic paste via xdotool.
+Added multiple items per line on preferences subsytem.

V1.1.0 Wednesday, January 16 2013
***This is a major release.***
+Added patch 3389976 - history menu crash, utf-8
+Added UTF-8 checks on incomming text streams.
+Changed history entries to structures (and history file format) to support
upcoming features.
+Added persistent history list and corresponding hot key.
+Added right-click either history list with a Move To or cancel.
+Added Save As for the history file - writes a text file out.
+Major rewrite of cliboard handling. It is now very simple and eliminates a
lot of CPU overhead.
+Fixed bug 3560995, mouse button events causing false searches.
+Added appindicator so it appears in unity.
+Completely re-wrote prefs sybsystem, so prefs are easier to add.
+Fixed wide dialog, and quit instant activation.
+Added current entry on to preference.
+Added locking for clipboard updates.
+Fixed lost clip entries when selecting existing history clip entries.

V1.0.2rc6 Wednesday, January 9 2013
+Applied glib patch from bug 3518845
+Applied 0 size Action file lockup from bug 3459123
+Fixed arrow/home/page up keys messing up search-as-you-type.
+Fixed having multiple copies of parcellite. Checks to see if already running.
+Fixed double backspace on search-as-you-type.
+Fixed command line copies to clipboard. Should work on all X sessions. Note: entry is not
immediately added to clipboard. There is a 1/2 sec delay

The ppa is here (and maybe one day my packages will start building):